Attendance Details

Attendance Details

Attendance Office: Room 174
718-776-4728, extensions 1740, 1741, 1742, 1743, 1744

Good attendance, every day, is critical to a successful high school experience for your child.  All matters pertaining to daily and classroom attendance are handled in the Attendance Office, including address, telephone and name updates.

Daily Attendance In order to be marked present, students must be in their correct classroom at the correct start time of the class.  Subject class attendance is taken every period of every day.  Simply being present in the building does not qualify as attendance.

Lateness Students who are unavoidably late should bring either a doctor’s note or a signed note from their parent/guardian, including the parent’s/guardian’s daytime telephone number.  Students who are late to school without a verified note or parent/guardian contact will put their graduation at risk!

Absences Students should make every effort to attend school every day.  If a child is absent, they should bring a note from their parent/guardian on the first day that they return to school.  The note should include the parent’s/guardian’s daytime telephone number so that the absence can be verified.  The student should have each of their classroom teachers sign the note (so that they can take it into account when calculating the child’s grade), and then leave the note in the Attendance Office (so that the note can be included in the child’s biographical record).

Extended Absences If a student will be absent for 3 or more days, both the Attendance Office and the child’s guidance counselor should be contacted.

Suspensions and Attendance If your child is suspended, whether in-house or to an alternative site, you will continue to receive the daily absence telephone call from Van Buren.  Once the Attendance Office receives confirmation from either the in-house office or the off-site facility that the child attended as required, their daily attendance will be corrected.

Trips and Attendance If your child goes on a school-sponsored trip during a regular school day, you will receive the daily absence telephone call from Van Buren.  Your child’s attendance will be corrected after the trip roster is turned in to the Attendance Office.

Parent/Guardian Inquiries The Attendance Office urges all parents to call regularly to confirm their child’s attendance.  It is best to call between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12 PM, and to have your child’s OSIS number (or NYC Student ID number) available.  If you request “Period Attendance”, we can tell all the periods that your child has missed during the previous week.

Biographical Updates It is imperative that the school have current and correct address and telephone information on all of our students.  All phone and address changes should be reported to the Attendance office, accompanied by a utility bill.  You will be missing important information and opportunities if your address and telephone number is not updated!