Essentials for Student Success

Essentials for Your Student’s Success

Daily attendance in school and daily study is essential for your child’s success!

  • Talk to your child about school.
  • Know your child’s program – the classes he/she takes and the teachers’ names.
  • Check to see that your child brings his/her books to and from school every day.
  • Check your child’s notebook to see that there is class work and homework every day for every class listed on his/her program.
  • Ask to see exams.
  • Check your child’s report cards for grades and attendance.
  • Watch for mail from school (make sure your address and telephone number are correct in the Attendance Office!)
  • Call your child’s Guidance Counselor if you suspect a problem.
  • Come to Fall (October) and Spring (March) Parent Teacher Conferences to speak with your child’s teachers.
  • Know your school calendar.
  • Avoid keeping your child at home for these reasons:
  • Family vacations
  • Wait for a delivery or workman
  • Take care of younger children
  • Work in a family business
  • Do housework
  • Run an errand
  • Act as an interpreter
  • Avoid keeping your child home because of bad weather. If school is open, your child should be here.
  • Avoid allowing your child to stay home unless he/she is really too sick to come to school.
  • Avoid extended family vacations or prolonged visits outside the country.
  • Schedule all medical appointments after school and on weekends.