Fine Arts Department

Fine Arts Department

Ms. Catherine Kross, Assistant Principal

Visual Art Courses
Students can elect from several sequences offered in both fine arts and commercial arts.  Students with six art credits (3 courses) are eligible for the NYS Visual Arts Exit Exam.  Students with ten art credits can earn a Regents Diploma in Art. Portfolio preparation for Arts Programs in College is included in all sequences.

This class explores the history and theory of visual art through hands on art projects. This class has been designed to provide an overview and appreciation of the Visual Arts.  Over the course of the year students will be able to develop fine arts skills, explore new mediums, provide thoughtful and constructive art criticism, write art criticism, recognize and use the elements and principles of art and increase knowledge of art history and how it reflects the world history learned in Social Studies.

FINE ARTS I, II (Pre-requisite:  Art Appreciation)  For students interested in developing their interest in drawing, painting, sculpture, multi-media and print making, this class provides the opportunity to explore these mediums.

3D DESIGN All applications of 3-D design are covered in this sequence including sculpture, product design, and architectural applications.  Students who are interested in careers in architecture, landscape design, urban planning and product design would benefit from this sequence.

ADVERTISING/GRAPHIC DESIGN (ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE) Student will learn all aspects of advertising and graphic design using studio projects and computer software.  Applications include print advertising, television and video ads, web and social media applications.

CARTOONING I, II Learn about the cartooning industry and how to apply art theory to the fun and lucrative profession of cartoon making in print and motion.

CINEMA Study the history and strategies of cinema making, with hands-on projects.

FASHION I, II, III For students interested in the fashion industry, this sequence includes fashion drawing, history, marketing and merchandising.  Fashion II and III will cover design, draping, pattern making, sewing and  culminate in a fashion show of original student designs.

AP 2-D Design Earn college credit doing what you love.  This is a college course in which you create a portfolio of paintings, drawings or photography (recommendation from an Art teacher required).

AP Drawing Earn college credit developing a drawing portfolio (recommendation from an Art teacher required).

Music Courses

The Music Department at Martin Van Buren High School is dedicated to developing musical interests and talents.  Our students are encouraged to excel in all the academic classes.  We are also a member of Tri-M Society.  Music majors receive individual support and counseling from our music staff teaching them discipline and encouraging them to explore all their academic interests.


  • Drum Line
  • Piano Club
  • Guitar Club


  • Winter & Spring Festival Performance & Art Show
  • Piano Recitals
  • Multi-Cultural Festival

Students can select from course sequences in instrumental and vocal specialties.

MUSIC APPRECIATION Introduction to music theory and history.

PIANO I, II, III Learn to play the piano and perform

BAND I, II, III For students already playing an instrument and those who would like to learn.  This course includes performances in and out of school.

CHORUS I, II, III Learn to sing or develop your singing in our chorus.  Performances in winter and spring concerts along with opportunities to perform in various venues throughout the year.

TRI-M SOCIETY Students who meet the criteria will be inducted into the Tri-M Society and enjoy the benefits and the prestige of membership in this national organization of music scholars.