Foreign Languages Department

ESL and Foreign Languages

Ms. Marie Micheline Jean, Assistant Principal

The students of Martin Van Buren High School are required to enhance their academic scope by taking two terms of Spanish.  The following is a description of the course required of all students. They can also advance their knowledge of Spanish by continuing on to do 4 years of Spanish.

Spanish 1 & 2 Students are introduced to the important skills that are necessary to comprehend the Spanish language.  These skills include verbal, reading, writing, and comprehension.  Students are also exposed to the many diverse cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

Spanish 3 & 4 This is a more advanced course in Spanish where students will learn to communicate fully in Spanish.

Spanish 5 & 6 Students will learn conversational Spanish.  This course culminates in a LOTE (language other than English) exam.  If students pass this exam with an 85 or above, they may be exempt from Foreign Language courses in college.  In addition, by passing this exam it may put the student on track for eligibility to receive an Advanced Regents Diploma.

Spanish 7 & 8 Students learn more Spanish as well as Spanish Culture.  Students will be able to take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam at the end of this course.