Grading Policy


Students will receive 6 report cards throughout the school year. Grades in each subject will be based the following:

Assessments – 65%

Mid-term and Final exams – each counted as two exams

Homework – 15%

Class participation and performance – 20%

Modifications per subject will be made accordingly

Each successive grade is a cumulative one in that it represents the rating up until that date.

The Report Card is the document used to find out how the teacher evaluates the student’s work for a specific time period. It is a valuable report that both students and parents should pay close attention to in order to move toward a positive direction in meeting the requirements and standards for each class. Students are advised that all report cards should be kept in a safe place in order to have the ability to access these important documents for future reference.

Each high school year is divided into two terms (or semesters). The Fall Term begins in September and concludes at the end of January. The Spring Term begins in February and concludes in June. During each semester, every student will receive 3 report cards (6 for the entire year). The report card serves as a periodic assessment of the student’s work during that time period. Each term is divided into 3 marking periods. At the conclusion of each marking period, which is usually a period of about 6-7 week intervals, the student will receive a grade that will reflect the quality of his/her work during that time period. The first marking period of the first term will usually have generalized letter grades of:

E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N= Needs Improvement and U= Unsatisfactory

(E=grades between 90-100; G=grades between 80-89; S=grades between 70-79; N-grades between 65-69; U=grades <=64

The second and third marking period will have numerical grades. The grades are valued in increments of 5. Passing grade in a course is 65. Students receiving grades above 90 will be able to receive grades in increments of 1. The third marking period is the final marking period of each term (end of January and middle of June) and the grade that will appear on the student’s transcript for that class during that specific term. Indicated on the report card, and next to the grade for each class, is the number of absences in that class for that marking period.  Parents/Guardians and students can also find comments that the teacher adds to further explain the grade that is given.

On the bottom of the report card is the weighted average.  A weighted grade is given to those courses with an increased level of difficulty and, are considered honor or advanced courses.  In this case, a student will receive a grade with an extra value of 1.1%. You will also find an explanation of grades in the lower right hand corner of the report card.

NYCDOE Sample Report Card