Health and Physical Education Department

Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program provides Martin Van Buren High School students with knowledge, motivation, and training in living healthy, fit, and successful lives. Our program helps our students perform better in all aspects of life, develop physical and mental fitness as well as emotional and social skills, and have more energy and perform better in academics and athletics. At Martin Van Buren high School we strive to develop lifetime health and fitness enthusiasts.

Our Health Education Program provides knowledge, motivation, and skills in: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Social Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Management, Stress Management, Communication, Relationships, Substance Use and Abuse Prevention, Safety, and Family Living.

Our Physical Education Program provides students with knowledge, motivation, and experience in a plethora of activities.  Students learn how nutrition, sleep, relaxation, stress management, and other areas of Health enhance physical and academic performance as well as making life more enjoyable.

Our highly skilled teachers offer classes such as Aerobics, Jump Rope, Dance, Fitness, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Handball, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field, and Volleyball. Safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, skill development, and leadership are integral parts of our program.  Developing a high level of fitness is also a major part of all of our classes.  Students perform pre and post fitness testing in all of their classes.

We continually strive to have the best Health and Physical Education Program in the country.

The Physical Education Uniform
All classes require the full Martin Van Buren Physical Education uniform, which consists of the MVB shirt and shorts, white athletic socks and tied sneakers. Those without this uniform will lost their spot in the elective. Students are advised that wearing their uniform over their clothing is not allowed and will not be viewed as prepared and dressed for class.

Course Offerings

Indoor Sports:  This class will usually consist of Fitness exercises and testing, Volleyball and Basketball. Students may only wear Martin Van Buren High School shorts and school shirt in this class.

Fitness Class:  This class will help students improve their level of fitness through the use of calisthenics, jump rope, and weight lifting. Vital measurements of weight, and resting heart rate will be taken to see the level of improvement. Students will learn basic nutrition, sports nutrition and other information that will; help them look, feel and perform better in all aspects of life. Only school shorts and shirt will be allowed in fitness class. Only responsible well-behaved students will be admitted to this class. Any students who have behavior problems will be transferred out.

Soccer:  Conditioning, Skills, Drills, Games, Tournament.