Instructional Support Services Department

Instructional Support Services

Dr. Carolyn Tyson, Assistant Principal

We are a team dedicated toward ensuring student achievement by examining, reviewing, analyzing data and sharing best practices that promote student success. We are developing strategies to improve the whole student’s growth, by helping students transition into post-secondary life. The Instructional Support Services Department offers students with Individualized Education Plans the following programs- Self Contained Classes, Special Education Teacher Support Services, Integrated Collaborative Teaching and Related Services.

The ISS Staff:

Frank Bancone                       Math

Maria Caraballo                     English/ ESL

Sonia Del Signore                  English

Mercedes Diaz-Dominicci   Health, Spanish

Gisella Farfan                         Living Environment

Anisa Hazelwood                   English- Transition Teacher Coordinator

Eduardo Martinez                 BST, Social Studies

Jacyln Mazur                          Social Studies, Program Assistant

Carin Miller                            English, I.E.P. Coordinator

Stephen Murphy                    Social Studies, Dean

Andrea Sheridan                    U.S. History, Art, Social Studies

John Tsiakos

Doris Chite                               School Psychologist

Jenna Mirza                             School Social Worker


Self-Contained special education classes have a student/staff ration of 15:1 or 12:1:1 and are available in all of the major academic subject areas.

These classes follow the same curriculum as the general education classes and are geared to address the individual needs of the student as well as target each student’s learning style ensuring academic success.  It is a goal of the ISS Department to program and support students as they progress towards graduation.

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) is another program offered under Instructional Support Services.  Students who receive these services follow a general education program, and receive SETSS as per their IEP’s. The SETSS program offers students an opportunity to be successful in their academic subjects by providing extra help in specific academic subjects, study skills and strategies to use to enhance their learning.

Integrated Collaborative Team Teaching, (ICT), provides the opportunity for special education and general education teachers to work together to meet the needs of ISS students in general education classes.

Students receive Related Services as indicated on their IEP’s.  Students can receive Related Services as their primary special education program or in conjunction with another special education program such as self-contained classes, ICT or SETSS.  In addition, a social worker and psychologist are always on hand to offer help to any student who is facing a crisis in their life by providing short term counseling services.

Our Transitional Linkage Coordinator works closely with students, their parents and teachers to prepare students for graduation, post-secondary opportunities and college.

Students have the opportunity to apply for a half-day program at the School of Cooperative Education in their junior year.

A 21st Century Grant provides students with the opportunity to apply for admission to a program at Queensborough Community College.  This program enables students to take a college course and receive tutoring while in high school.  Upon successful completion of the college course, students earn college credit.