Parent FAQs


Where Should I Go for
Questions or Concerns?

Issue or Concern Contact and Location
Absences or Lateness Attendance Office, Room 174
Athletics Assistant Principal, Health & Phys. Ed., Room 182
Classroom Problems Assistant Principal of Subject Area
College Applications and

Financial Aid

College Advisor, Room 146
Conflicts Between Students Guidance Counselor, Room 139

Deans Office, Room 157

ELL Assistant Principal English & Humanities, Room 275
ESL Assistant Principal ESL & Science, Room 248
Extra-Curricular Activities Coordinator of Student Affairs, Room B72
Illness or Medical issues Nurse’s Office, Room 102
Instructional Support Services Assistant Principal/Instructional Support Services, Room 201
Metro Cards Metro Card Office, Room B74
Parent/Guardian Concerns Parent Coordinator, Room 103 B
Personal Problems Guidance Counselor, Room 139 or 135
Program Planning

Diploma Requirements

Guidance Counselor, Room 139 or 135
Questions About Homework Classroom Teachers
Safety, Security, Disciplinary Matters Deans, Room 157
Sports Teams Athletic Director, Mr. Smaragdas, Room 157
Substance Abuse Youth Development Counselor; Room 135

Guidance Counselor, Room 139 or 135

Transcripts Guidance Counselor, Room 139 or 135
Transfer to Another School Guidance Counselor, Room 139 or 135
Tutoring Classroom Teachers, Guidance Counselor