Terms Parents Need to Know

Terms Parents Need to Know

Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential (CDOS) is the certificate issued to students with IEPs who participate in the standard assessments only, or, it may be awarded as an endorsement to a high school diploma.

Cohort is the school year when a student first enters 9th grade.  There are different graduation requirements for each cohort.

Course is a high school class that lasts for one term. Your child will need to pass required courses to graduate.

Credit is awarded to courses passed with a final grade of 65% or above.  Most passed courses will be awarded one credit per term.

Diploma is the certificate issued to a student upon high school graduation.  It certifies that the student has completed all graduation requirements.

Program Card is given to students at the beginning of every term.  It lists assigned courses, assigned times, and names of teachers for the term.  It also includes the name of the guidance counselor. 

Regents Exams are New York State Regents Examinations required by the New York State Education Department.  Students must pass a minimum of five required Regents exams to earn a diploma (except IEP diplomas).

Report Cards provide grades, attendance, and teachers’ comments for each course.

Student ID# (OR osis#) is the nine-digit number identification number that a student is given when he/she first enters the NYC Public School System. It stays with the student throughout his/her full academic career from grades K-12, regardless of what school he/she attends in the NYC DOE schools.  Students should know their personal identification number.

Transcript is a record of all courses and Regents exams taken, and credits earned, in high school.  College applications require a transcript, and colleges use them as one of the main admissions criteria.  Updated transcripts are available at the end of the term.